‘Crisis Zero’ on ‘World War Z’ Going Viral

‘Crisis Zero’ on ‘World War Z’ Going Viral


How does “ Man of Steel ” become a viral Topic?



With the development of the Society, Lots of social network have been come out. People can communicate with each other, share their ideas, and share the photos, videos, and the things whatever they want on the Internet.

When the film “ Man of Steel ” come out, lot of social network talk about this film. Some website use “ Man of Steel ” as the topic, people can talk about superman, DC Comics, superman logo, main characters of the film and anything they are interested.

They can share their comments on twitter, face book, you tube and other social network, finally “ Man of Steel ” has become a viral topic.



In lots of website, we can find some information about “Man of Steel”. In it official website we can know the basic story about the movie, the main characters of the film, the price of the film ticket, and the date of the film on theater.

People can search the information they interested in and share the commons, images, trailers about “Man of Steel” on the website, or share the website with twitter, face book or google.

The marketing of “Man of Steel” has let it become more viral. Thought making the advertising on different website, it invites lots of marketers into the film. It helps “Man of Steel” get more support and let the marketing of “Man of Steel” run very well.

When people go to face book, twitter, you tube, or google, they can find “Man of Steel” on the top. Lots of people talk about it knows.

people talking


The trailer of “Man of Steel” is also give people a modern and complex look. It shows us a mix of character exploration, the overview of the movie and some highlight things of the movie. [4]

It makes us become more expect to the movie. It is also a good advertisement of the movie, and a good material for us the share with our friends. It let us can talk more about “Man of Steel”. We can talk about the high technology they use, the good version of the images and the cool sound effect.


“Man of Steel” is a very popular viral topic. Lots of people talk about it with different social network. And the reason why it becomes more viral is because of it marketing.

“Man of Steel” has a very good marketing. It gets more marketers join into their team. And make a lot of online advertising to let more people know about them.

With the help of social network “Man of Steel” get very successful. It let they become more viral.



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I make image1, image2, and image3 myself on Photoshop. Date: 17/6/2013

Kuso Series of Attack on titan (Just for fun XD)

Attack on titan compare with other popular series(Big bang theory,Game of thrones) on the internet.


Media background

First of all those three series originals comes form different media.

Big bang theory is a TV series. Game of thrones is an adaptation form a famous fantasy novel series that by George R.R. Martin. Attack on titan is a adaption form famous manga series that written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

 Attack on titan and Game of thrones are adaptations, before animation/TV series comes out .They already have group of audience that loves their original books. Those audience starts discuss on internet. Thanks to social media. This is first waves to spread those TV/animation series information. It become virus topic. Attack on titan become a hot topic on internet at Japan before its animation series release. Same thing happened on Game of thrones. Those two series have their own superiority that from their original book’s fans. Which Big bang theory does not. But there is one good thing for Big bang theory, plots are original, fans are expecting something new and surprise. Those will become a hot discuss topic online as well.



Big bang theory is an American situation comedy that created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The reason that big bang theory so hot is Sheldon Cooper, one of main character’s conversation. Sheldon is an IQ of 187 genius, he’s so good at professional and lack of daily common sense. This contrast is the biggest hot topic for Big bang theory. It always comes up with some special theory that make people laugh.


Differently, Game of thrones and Attack on titan are different. Those two series are full of suspense and mysterious. They both have giant world environment and mysterious. Game of thrones, fans will focus on fate of different house. Attack on titan focus on fighting giant titan and characters humanity.


Although most of fans might already know most of plot from books, but audience s still loves to watch TV series. Compare with real character or famous scene on their pictures that created in their mind when they reading novels.



Kuso is a big part of virus hot topic spread on the internet.

Such as TV show and culture combine together become a kind of sub-culture.


Those kuso picture not only makes people laugh but also increase audience. People who do not watch Game of thrones but play War of Warcraft might interested in Game of thrones. They might want to know why fans created this picture. Those kuso might increase audience of Game of Thrones. Also kuson pictures might combine different sub-culture in one picture. Different people in different sub-culture junkies will share this picture on internet which will make TV series become virus topic.

One of the main reason that Attack on titan so popular on internet is kuso videos.


It start from gigguk—a famous channel on YouTube.

Gigguk is one of famous animation reviewer on YouTube. This review have 177,791 people watched.



Since his video, people start making joke on Attack on titan’s Opening mv which leads a lot of kuso video released on YouTube.

It bring huge amount of people to watch Attack on titan and start making kuso video as well.


Compare to Game of thrones, Big bang theory.

Attack on titan starts form kuso and spread to worldwide. After people getting interested in this animation. Attack on titan attract audience with its own giant detail description huge mysterious world environment and storyline.


4066_Viral topic: Princess Merida_What did People say about Princess Merida after Disney makeover of Merida?


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Princess Merida became one of many hot viral topics in 2013. However, it could not make a bomb as the other viral things because most of Princess Merida’s fans are children, mothers or fathers or young adults who love Disney productions. after Disney had plan to makeover Merida which will change her style to be more sexy and attractive as the other previous princesses, there are a lot of Princesses Merida’s fans showed their feels and angry about the new style of Merida by comics, twitter, and so on .



there are so many you tube viewers who are getting interested in Princess Merida when all news about her new styles came out:

the video Merida From ‘Brave’ Gets An Unnecessary Makeover, Sparks Petition’ has number of viewers is over 64,000 and still going up

IGN News, a television channel about games, tv shows, Comics, technology, Movies and so on, always update any news of Princess Merida and receive many viewers which has a number nearly 35,000 viewers.

Also, it is no lack of discussions with a huge social network like Twitter

1 2


with a lot of criticisms from Princess Merida’s fans and the other, “Disney retreats from Princess Merida makeover after widespread criticism…’Glam’ version of character from Pixar animation Brave removed from Disney website after creator describes it as ‘horrible’ “( Ben Child 2013). That is also a cool news to everyone but hopefully they still keep the Princess Merida model for the next version of Brave.


Ben C, 2013,’Disney retreats from Princess Merida makeover after widespread criticism’, viewed 17 Jun 2013,



There is couple reason why Attack on titan so popular.


1. Sympathetic

People live in world that full of threaten. Giant titan attacks and eat human being. Audience will full of sympathetic on those characters who living and struggle survival under titan duress. Audience wants character alive or survival under attack.

When EP01 comes out with an epic impact ending – Eren’s lost his family. Eren shout out he wants to destroy every titan.

Audience will expect Eren will achieve his goal.

2. Theme

Although giant monsters attack human being is not a new theme on animation history.

It looks like Middle Ages Spiderman swinging and slaying giant zombies. Who don’t like it? Compare with other animation series. Attack on titan more focus on detail of titan slays human being and reaction of people. This series is not like others. Attack on titan shows real humanity. The dark side of humanity. It’s like a bloody class movies (such as saw, biochemistry), so peculiar, so compelling.

3. Plot

Attack on titan is not only a normal animation series that talking about how giant monster attack on mankind and human being how to fight back. Attack on titan full with mystery, for example, why titan only attack on human? Titan do not need food. They do not attack on other creatures but human. Titan have great resilience almost immortal. Titan kills human for fun? Titan maybe was transformed from human, and Titan has wisdom. There is some way human could transform to titan. After EP05, Eren could turns into giant and fight back to titans. It comes with a new mystery – Why human could turn into titan as well? Many truths of history will be digged out like peeling an onion. Those suspense become main plot of this animation series. The main reason audience watch this series.

4. Characters

Character‘s personality construct so well in Attack on Titan.

No only main characters but also minor part.

In first EP01, Eren’s uncle is a solider. His duty is defend city when titan attack city –which titans does not appear in past 50 years. Soldiers are joking in peace. When the real titan attack city, soldiers do not fight back as the supposed to do, instead of it, they feels fear and start escape. Main characters have different reason to join Army, Eren wants avenge and freedom, as top soldier in the 104th training corps he gives up the military police corps which good treatment and join in recon corps which deadly danger and direct fight with titan. Eren has souls of never give up when he faces dangers. Mikasa fights for Eren. Some people trained for defend highborn, this will give them a great chance to stay far away from battle field. The expression of humanity shows so real in this animation series. Audiences are attracted by those real humanity. More real, it is much easier to think deeply.

5. Social Reflection

If we though walls are our home.  Titans are troubles that we face in daily life. If we need to kill giants to live better. Those troubles are things that we must pass thought. Just like daily life, titans not only comes from outside the wall, but also comes from inside. In Attack on titan, there are some human who can transform to titan hide in walls. Maybe they are friends and battle companions. And some day they will betray human. Armies, highborn are the trouble makers that brings difficulties for defeat titans.

The theme of attack on titan resonates with subconscious of most people. In fact, this work same as our social in many settings. Like law of the jungle. And the first line of lyrics is “They are the prey and we are the hunters!” in this lyric “hunters” refer to human being, but in fact titan is capturing human. So this words express the dissatisfied and disgrace of human. In our life, who is the prey and who is the hunter, we need think about it. In animation, there are many scenes to describe the state of human who saw titan was eating human. They are fear, flustered and lose their head. They are soldiers, but escape from titan and watch titan to eat battle companions. When battle companions’ three dimensional maneuver need gas, supply corps dare to fill gas for them under the attack on titan. Those all the same as facts in our real life. Humanity shows in “attack on titan”. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride all show in “attack on titan”. Life is same, we are not only getting troubles form social also comes from the place we call home, such as relationship, family issues and so on.


Attack on titan gives people a feeling of fever blood, a hopeless of weak life, a longing of future, a lust of homeland, all of them are consonance with audience. A successful animation does not how good drawing it is; how touching it is. It really need drive people to consider the deep meaning and carry audience into the environment of story. Although animation is illusions, it reflects the ruthless of facts. Before the benefits, the selfishness and greed is more horrible than threaten of titan. This animation wants to tell us that titan is not horrible, the horrible is we don’t have the brave of defeating titan.



Attack on titan is a most popular animation on the internet recently. It becomes a hot virus topic.

Attack on titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. This animate television series debuted on April 6, 2013, on MBS.

The original manga won the 35th Kodansha Manga Award for best Shounen Manga.

The animation is widely appreciated for its unique, acrobatic action, large ensemble cast of characters, frightening titan art, a pervasive sense of despair, and its subversion of many typical shounen tropes.

Attack on titan animation series are made by Studio WIT, an offshoot of Production I.G.
Directed by Tetsuro Araki, who is director of Death Note, Highschool of the dead, Guilty Crown.
Attack on Titian have rich story development and battle animation is main the reason why so popular.
Great opening music have attracted people’s eyes.


—–=================== NO SPOILERS=================—–

Story happens in a world where the remnants of human beings live inside cites surrounded by giant walls due to the sudden appearance of the Titan, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour mankind seemingly without reason.

Main characters


Eren Jaeger

Voiced by: Yuki Kaji

The protagonist of the series. Born in Wall Maria. Idealistic, violent, and impulsive, Eren seeks to annihilate the Titans and explore the outside world. He was ranked 5th in his trainee class after he finished 104th Training Corps. He volunteers to join in the Recon Corps what is composed of expeditionary soldiers that fight the Titans outside of the walls.


Mikasa Ackerman

Voiced by: Yui Ishikawa

Adopted sister of the Jeager Family. She is the last progeny of Japanese. She is good at melee and protective of Eren. She was ranked 1st in her trainee class.


Armin Arlelt

Voiced by: Marina Inoue

Eren’s best friend, he is weak on physical and emotional. However he is genius on theoretical courses and strategic.


Jean Kirschtein

Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama

Extremely negative about the war with the titans. Even he competent at the fighting in training and ranked 6th of the trainee class.


Annie Leonhardt

Voiced by: Yu Shimamura

A taciturn girl trained by her father in wrestle. She is a solitary type in battle of titans. Ranked 4th of the trainee class.


Sasha Browse

Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi

Known as Potato girl. She is agile with an unimaginable intuition. Ranked 9th of the trainee class.


Christa Renz

Voiced by: Shiori Mikami

She is a blond girl who is kindly. Ranked 10th in the trainee class.


Conny Springer

Voiced by: Hiro Shimono

Affected by Eren to apply to the Recon Corps. He is good at balance and making tight turns. Ranked 8th of the trainee class.


Marco Bodt

Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka

Wish applying to Stationed Corps for avoiding fight with titan. Ranked 7th of trainee class.


Reiner Braun

Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya

He has strong willpower and adept at gaining the trust of his companions. Ranked 2nd of the trainee class.


Bertholt Fubar

Voiced by: Tomohisa Hashizume

Skillful at various combat styles. Lacked in self-confidence. Ranked 3rd of trainee class.



Voiced by: Saki Fujita

Close friend with Christa and a member of the 104th trainee class.

About Titan


About Walls

14 15 16 17

About Equipments

18 19 20 21

Game of Thrones Season 3 – Comparison & The Future


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Check out our Game of Thrones Season 3 – Comparison & The Future at:

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Why red equal become viral?


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On 26 March 2013, Facebook newsfeed have gone red by a red squares with pink equal signs. The original picture was posted on Human Right Campaign’s Facebook page. After one day appear on Facebook, the red equal logo became viral. So why it become viral? In this topic, I will present some reasons why it go viral on internet [1].


Firstly, the same-sex marriage picture is the same as the Human Rights Campaign’s logo with the colors customized for the specific cause. Therefore, it allows viewers to recognize something they have already known before [2]


Take advantage of timing

Human Rights Campaign has chosen the correct time for publish it on internet. They posted it on Facebook one day before the Supreme Court decides the fate of same-sex marriage. It attracted viewers who track the same-sex marriage event [3].

Using social networking

This is very important reason which makes red equal go viral. Because HRC used Facebook to publish the red equal picture. Therefore, a lot of Facebook users will know about it. Furthermore, Facebook users used like and share to promote the red equal to other people. Besides, HCM also posted red equal picture on other social networking such as: Twitter, Tumblr, … [4]





Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines” (PARODY)


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for woman who demanded reversal version of the original