With the development of the Society, Lots of social network have been come out. People can communicate with each other, share their ideas, and share the photos, videos, and the things whatever they want on the Internet.

When the film “ Man of Steel ” come out, lot of social network talk about this film. Some website use “ Man of Steel ” as the topic, people can talk about superman, DC Comics, superman logo, main characters of the film and anything they are interested.

They can share their comments on twitter, face book, you tube and other social network, finally “ Man of Steel ” has become a viral topic.



In lots of website, we can find some information about “Man of Steel”. In it official website we can know the basic story about the movie, the main characters of the film, the price of the film ticket, and the date of the film on theater.

People can search the information they interested in and share the commons, images, trailers about “Man of Steel” on the website, or share the website with twitter, face book or google.

The marketing of “Man of Steel” has let it become more viral. Thought making the advertising on different website, it invites lots of marketers into the film. It helps “Man of Steel” get more support and let the marketing of “Man of Steel” run very well.

When people go to face book, twitter, you tube, or google, they can find “Man of Steel” on the top. Lots of people talk about it knows.

people talking


The trailer of “Man of Steel” is also give people a modern and complex look. It shows us a mix of character exploration, the overview of the movie and some highlight things of the movie. [4]

It makes us become more expect to the movie. It is also a good advertisement of the movie, and a good material for us the share with our friends. It let us can talk more about “Man of Steel”. We can talk about the high technology they use, the good version of the images and the cool sound effect.


“Man of Steel” is a very popular viral topic. Lots of people talk about it with different social network. And the reason why it becomes more viral is because of it marketing.

“Man of Steel” has a very good marketing. It gets more marketers join into their team. And make a lot of online advertising to let more people know about them.

With the help of social network “Man of Steel” get very successful. It let they become more viral.



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I make image1, image2, and image3 myself on Photoshop. Date: 17/6/2013