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Princess Merida became one of many hot viral topics in 2013. However, it could not make a bomb as the other viral things because most of Princess Merida’s fans are children, mothers or fathers or young adults who love Disney productions. after Disney had plan to makeover Merida which will change her style to be more sexy and attractive as the other previous princesses, there are a lot of Princesses Merida’s fans showed their feels and angry about the new style of Merida by comics, twitter, and so on .



there are so many you tube viewers who are getting interested in Princess Merida when all news about her new styles came out:

the video Merida From ‘Brave’ Gets An Unnecessary Makeover, Sparks Change.org Petition’ has number of viewers is over 64,000 and still going up

IGN News, a television channel about games, tv shows, Comics, technology, Movies and so on, always update any news of Princess Merida and receive many viewers which has a number nearly 35,000 viewers.

Also, it is no lack of discussions with a huge social network like Twitter

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with a lot of criticisms from Princess Merida’s fans and the other, “Disney retreats from Princess Merida makeover after widespread criticism…’Glam’ version of character from Pixar animation Brave removed from Disney website after creator describes it as ‘horrible’ “( Ben Child 2013). That is also a cool news to everyone but hopefully they still keep the Princess Merida model for the next version of Brave.


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