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On 26 March 2013, Facebook newsfeed have gone red by a red squares with pink equal signs. The original picture was posted on Human Right Campaign’s Facebook page. After one day appear on Facebook, the red equal logo became viral. So why it become viral? In this topic, I will present some reasons why it go viral on internet [1].


Firstly, the same-sex marriage picture is the same as the Human Rights Campaign’s logo with the colors customized for the specific cause. Therefore, it allows viewers to recognize something they have already known before [2]


Take advantage of timing

Human Rights Campaign has chosen the correct time for publish it on internet. They posted it on Facebook one day before the Supreme Court decides the fate of same-sex marriage. It attracted viewers who track the same-sex marriage event [3].

Using social networking

This is very important reason which makes red equal go viral. Because HRC used Facebook to publish the red equal picture. Therefore, a lot of Facebook users will know about it. Furthermore, Facebook users used like and share to promote the red equal to other people. Besides, HCM also posted red equal picture on other social networking such as: Twitter, Tumblr, … [4]


[1][4] http://www.hrc.org/

[2][3] http://www.loudinteractive.com/social-media-branding/