“Man of Steel” has a very successful marketing. Before the ticket was sold, WB was already put the superman products on the Internet. T-shirts, glass, clothes are all be sale on the Internet. The marketing of “Man of Steel” and their produce placement earn lots of money on this movie.

There are lots of website talk about “Man of Steel”. It helps people know more information about this superman movie. The marketing of “Man of Steel” makes it become a viral topic now.




This website has show us lots of information about “ Man of Steel ”. It said “ According to our source part of WB’s plan is to use ‘Man Of Steel’ and drop hints that Superman is in a shared universe with his DC counterparts. The hints will be very subtle such as character mentions. The one character that DC is really wanting to reference is Wonder Woman. The source was unclear on if this would be to set up a solo movie for the Amazon Princess or to the Justice League, but with the info that was just posted it seems more likely to be the JLA.” [1]

People can share this website on twitter, also they can leave some commons about what they think on google or write the commons on the bottom of this website. This website can let people talk about “ Man of Steel ”. And after more people know this, “ Man of Steel ” can be a viral topic.

“Man of Steel” is already hit the theaters before it show. The ticket in North America has been sales $100 million and the numbers of the ticket sale are keeping increase. It will be closer to $120 million at half of June. [2]

In the movie “Man of Steel” you can see lots of produce placement. About 100 companies put their product in the film and totally they paid about $160 million. It can be a biggest number of marketers that attached to one movie.

These companies provide their money to support the movie “Man of Steel”, and the movie will make the advertising for these companies.

“With 100 partners, “Man of Steel” appears to have topped Universal Studios’ animated film “The Lorax,” released in March 2012. It had a reported 70 promotional partners.”[2]

The first product placements use into movie was in 2002, in James Bond movie “Die Another Day”. In this movie it has 20 marketing partners and they totally spend $100 million into the movie.

The marketers in the “Man of Steel” are Warby parker, Carl’s Jr, Walmart, Gillette, Sears… and Chrysler. These companies provide superman’s glasses, cheeseburger, cars, and other things use in the movie. [3]

From this we can see that a movie cannot leave a good marketing. A good marketing can let the movie get more sponsors and let more people know the movie.


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image1: I make it myself on Photoshop. Date: 16/6/2013