For online business and marketing, viral marketing has not only done the advertising, culture, and society, but also can share commons and ideas about the viral topic. For example, the movie “Man of Steel” has been put in some website, people can write some commons about the film. For “Man of Steel” people can talk about super man, DC comic and anything about this topic.

In fact, lots of companies make their marketing to do some argue, it can let more people know their products and talk about their products it likes a advertising. “It has already surpassed these archaic forms of marketing and is now the single most cost-effective, reliable and strategic way to share information while gaining customers through an approach that truly offers the most bang for your buck.”[1]

So how did the viral marketing get start? Hot mail was the first among free website based on email service providers, and viral marketing has been start on there.



At beginning, hot mail has decided their best way to let all new customers can go to their friends, family and colleagues of each user they already had. At the bottom of every email people it will have a Hot mail account, hot mail placed a link about: “Want a free email account? Sign-up for Hot mail today!” whatever people believe it or not, thousands of users was quickly signed up for their free email accounts.

The example of hot mail is the foundation for the viral marketing that we are familiar with today. Viral marketing has come on lots of social network. For example, viral marketing has put lots of shapes and forms for Face book, Twitter, You Tube and Linked In. It put this in different format, people can click the shape of different social network to share their information and the entire social network will be free. Rather than spend thousands of money on expensive advertising. Campaigns can use viral marketing as a cost-effective way to disseminate their products, to let their produces get more increase.


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Now days, viral marketing has let the marketing become more acceptable and reliable. With the development of social network more and more people and businesses are joining to the online conversation. People can talk to each other on face book, email, twitter, and website. Companies can put their advertising on the Internet, and the can also make online shopping. Viral marketing has made the business fast and easy.

“While hot mail has suffered the consequences of major competition, they are still an important player in the email game, and an extremely influential model in the world of internet marketing. As the grandfather of viral marketing, hot mail will forever be recognized as the service that started it all.”[1]


[1] Accessed at 16/6/2013

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