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Large size:http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa407/tqt5/followMeToVVD_zps8c632d69.jpg

Follow me to “Vivid Sydney”, lights are on from 24 May to 10 June.
Enjoy the light, music and ideas!

Let’s do the same. Take your “Follow me” photos around the world.


How to make your version of “Follow me to”?

1.Set up your camera: Here are few tips for camera settings.

2. Environment

  • Do not shot in a super sunny day. If you have to, please make sure you are back to the sun. So you could still have nice shadows of hairs and shoulder.
  • Find an interesting background.601746_10151643693443489_1108648510_n

3.Colour correction

Now we use our “follow me to” version as a sample to do a short tutorial about colour correction by using Photoshop.

More about Vivid Sydney:

*There are some photos that I took in previous Vivid Sydney.


Now time to make your version of “Follow me to” Photos!

What are elements that helped this photograph appeal to the group of intended audience? Please wait for our next post “Follow me to going viral“.


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