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Nowadays the marketing seems like more and more important . Even a low budget film like “Cloverfield“ , as long as you have successful marketing and be able grab audience attention . Then your film would go viral.
The impact of film “Pacific Rim“ marketing would lead film with robot or monster genre into interactive marketing . The most successful elements of film “Pacific Rim“ are interactive stuff. such as Recruitment Center , Custom design robot, Pacific Rim wall paper generator . A series of interactive stuff can really bring lots of fans coming to pay attention . It is not only good for currently film sales also target to future sequal . I just checked what is news on “Pacific Rim“Marketing . There is newly Pacific Rim mobile game that is in progress . Plus online virtual game and Comic book that is now drawing . Marketing group not only focus promote film in one way but also spread their film elements to every fields to make as expansive as they can . This could make all future film follow . Movie marketing would be not only making poster and good trailer . It would become multi-marketing which spread movie information into all kind different field meanwhile make other field flurished such as action figure or game industry .

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what could  have been done better?

Comparing with movie “Cloverfield“ , Pacific Rim seems a little mysterious less.  The success  point of the movie like “Cloverfield“ and “Paranormal Activity“  is that they never show the truth .  Through the trailer and online post stuff, you only know what the genre of this movie , about what happed ? you don have anyidea before going to Cinema watching it .   This is how Mysterious part lead successful market.  “Pacific Rim“  is trying to make the monster “Kaiju” mysterious , but in the trailer or post they already shown totally no matter looking and background of monster . Before watching it , potential audience probably know what is gonna happen and also the whole general story . It is kind of less attractive because of we already known storyline through it’s marketing .

cloverfield_poster pacific-rim-poster-jaeger-kaiju-banner

Another thing that could have been done better is that “Pacific Rim“ marketer seems didn’s spend time and people to stick their warning poster series , They created a lot of poster like below , but i didn’t see a lot on the street and bus station . Comparing with “District 9“ Marketing group . They actually spend effort to put their mysterious poster into real life to make bigger gate for people to start to know this film . If “Pacific Rim“ marketing group don’t . Then the poster like below would not make people curious about what is that , because if they see online , they would not think it relates to real life as i feel .

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