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The Create group definitely gained a bright future for this film with multi-level marketing . I believe the time when the movie release is the time box office gets full of profit . Well, the big influence of new style marketing from will start , there will be heaps of future film coming up with new style marketing from the influence of film Pacific Rim, Cloverland ,Prothemeus , District 9 and so on . Obviously “Pacific Rim“ marketing tried to absorbs the good marketing feature as much as they can from other film marketing , but still some points seems like havent been digest completely such as Warning poster. This is a good try and The marketing group would gain stronger . New movie market would become more and more complete with people’s exploring .

Through out the big effort of marketing , the whole movie now seems more interesting and stonger theme . This big effort marketing not only tempory exists till the movie release , It is going to be the templete of future film study from and get infromation from . I also heard info that this movie might become series . So the markeing staff for this film definately would be saved for next film with much more improvement to make more complete.


A movie can change a world . But it need a strong marketing to make it viral first ! Going viral is the first kickstart. Nowadays like movie “Cloverland“, music video “Gangnam Style. “ Harlem Shake“ and others , they all have essential marketing elements to make going viral , Interactive element , special and original element , mysterious element and so on . The influence of these staff would help heaps of people understanding how to going viral , ofcourse it shoulf be watchable first ! The thing is sometimes even you create a good video or movie , if you don’t have good marketing to make going viral , it is gonna dispear very fast in nowadays social media updates . So going viral with cleaver marketing of these staff nowadays will give opportunities to thoese elecelent and talented people , group or even product to jump out from mud and grow faster and make our digital life more interesting and world more connected .