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Nowadays, there are plenty of video , pictures and movie going viral . The viral stuff online is not simply going viral itself , behind it there is big marketing stragety.  So let’s get into marketing scene of“Pacific Rim “ and see why and how it becomes viral through it’s marketing .

First thing i wanna mention is a series of live warning posters they put on internet or street . Such as below

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A series of posters like above definately make people feel something happening in the real world not a just movie . But meanwhile you don not know what is happening . we just know something that warning us or some people trying to make fake atmosphere . Whatever it is , once we see them and start to think with our curiousity . Then it’s marketing circle start to catch your attention now . Why is that ?

I Believe these kind of poster design Reminds you the movie “District 9“ , which is about alien invading earth . This movie has huge success on its marketing . Before it’s release , almost all the people know about this movie . One of the important element from its marketing is live-poster like above . It brings simple warning information in your real life , when you see them at bus station or on the wall . It is eye-catching because the difference from the normal warning sign in out real life . So people start paying attention to it and try to find out what on earth it is . From looking of these poster , we cannot get much information that can make us clear. Then the time we use internet to search is the time we falling their marketing “trap” , A series of marketing stragety will make you search further and finally addicted into the movie story without you notice . This is how movie “Dictrict 9“ turns to viral on internet before its release .

district9-10 Layout 1

Now  “Pacific Rim“ takes advantage of this element and expand it to become viral .  From we see above

Instead of reveal the movie name on poster , “Pacific Rim“ Marketer put the movie element on it to make them more mysterious and unguessable , such as Kaiju alarm and big robot foot . You dont have any idea what that is .

Another improvement from “District 9” poster is that “Pacific Rim“ marketing pays big attention on the world-wide marketing . Some of its poster instead of using english , they use Chinese or another language .
This small element firstly makes their poster more mysterious from people who don know Chinese language part , secondly Start grabbing globle audience’s attention .

Getting successful element from previous movies and improve it to become “Pacific Rim“ own stregety is the intelligence of its marketing .
Secondly , “Pacific Rim“ Marketing group instead of just creating live-poster in real life . they also create 2 live-Video on yoube and other channel on TV. Think about Chain Reaction, this is definitely one of it . As my personal , I start to know the movie “Pacific Rim“ from the alert- poster they put on the street . That time i was not sure what that is , then i went online check on youtube and other website . I found 2 Live-video below . It just really seems real happening in the real life , if i did not do any research about that, i might be confused between reality and movie promotion .let’s see thoese 2 videos below .

1,162,336 hits on Youtube

258,435 hits on Youtube

Instead of making movie clip go viral , making a fake live-news video going viral first is exclusive step that “Pacific Rim“ marketing made. Combining with poster in the real life and live-news online that shows little bit info about monster element and panic . “Pacific Rim“ marketing made a almost real news that people thought there is really a monster call “Kaiju“now is attacking America. Well , this is huge success of its first step to make movie going viral for sure . Even they created fake document posted online that shows what happened …


The next interesting marketing stuff i wanna say about “Pacific Rim“ is its interactive websites they built to allow you customize Jeager robot in your way and make poster yourself and Join Pacific battle start training so on .

QQ截图20130606203109 QQ截图20130606203328

Well, this market stregety might seem to be familiar if you ever did marketing search on the movie “Prometheus“. As we know the movie ifself was not a big hit in movie industry last summer , but Everyone knows this movie . The marketing of “Prometheus“ start posting a video about TED talk in 2023 by Peter Wayland , the main actor in the movie . Then all the audiences’ attention were grabbed by his”Prometheus Project”and start searching about him . Surprisingly there is actually a website called “Prometheus Project“. Once you clicked in and you will see all the detail about this project . It is more than what you imagine , Chart , plan , step , product , training channel (All the elements from movie ). The website is very official and formal , it just makes you feel like this is real project ! This is an exclusive marketing stragety from “Prometheus“. People log in with facebook or Twitter .Meanwhile website automatically share the content to facebook with your friend . All your friends will see you are joining the project called “Prometheus“.

There is the “Project “ link http://www.projectprometheus.com/

Based on this marketing strategy , Moive “Pacific Rim“ also build their own recruit website called “panpacificdefense “. It’s website more like game website , everything looks simply cool such as moving robot background , mechanical voice over. I believe the person who loves game must love this website . This website is divided into 4 section , Recruit ,Crisis map , Training academy , Shatteroome. The sequence just like the movie how main character were recruited. Same as “Prometheus project“ website , you can log in with your facebook or twitter account , every time you complete one section , It will automatically ask you shre the info on your facebook or twitter . It’s interactive website make you feel like playing game online and share it to your friends once you complete . Unconciously you get into the movie element more and more while introducing and spreading their website to your other friends .
These posters designed to attract you into their website “panpacificdefense “.pacific-rim-engineers pacific-rim-key
Web link : http://www.panpacificdefense.com/index.php?ulang=zh_TW


The improvement of “panpacificdefense “ from website”Prometheus Project” is that “Pacific Rim“ marketing really focus on international audience , there are so many language to choose in website and you can share with many different language as well. As my personal i shared my medal in Chinese vertion which is below different from english version.

QQ截图20130606205541 QQ截图20130606205559

Pacific Rim: Design Your Own Jaeger : http://apps.warnerbros.com/pacificrim/designer/us/
This this another interactive marketing feature i found in “Pacific Rim“ Marketing . It is a online Jaeger Designer app . In the app , you can design your own Jeager robot . Same thing as “panpacificdefense “you can log in with your facebook account and share with your friends what you designed . How cool is that . you can change color of you robot , you can change small detail , you can decide how your robot specific part should be , rusty ? shiny ? or sratched ? Finally you have templete to choose to make your final self-designed poster and post onling or share with your friends .

JaegerPoster JaegerPoster2

These are the poster i designed through the app
Also i shared them on facebook.

When potential audience see this kind interactive staff , thet unconciously want to
play a bit . It is interesting to design your own Jeager . isn’t it ? This is why when you
search on google “Pacific Rim“ you can see variety of robot with different name you don
not know . Thoes are all custom designed from people around world .
This is interactive marketing stregety which is initially from “Pacific Rim“Marketing .
It works out big energy to push the movie into viral !!

This is a custom designed Robot that goes viral on internet !!


Blue Print of Jeager Robot

Pacific-Rim-American-Gipsy-Danger Pacific-Rim-Australian-Striker-Eureka


It’s not just a poster you look at, it is a poster you can edit youself ! The wall paper above is made myself from
http://apps.warnerbros.com/pacificrim/wallpapergenerator/ . This web is all about Pacific Rim online wall paper generating . It is actually a huge size Pacific Rim poster to promote their movie . But “Pacific Rim“ add couple of cuntom function . then you can edit such as zoom in , change color . you can choose for mobile , destop , facebool , twitter , as series of social media you can make for . It’s not just a poster you look at, it is a poster you can edit youself and share with friends meanwhile you are helping to promote their movie ! This is another interavtive marketing stregety from “Pacific Rim“ movie.

“Pacific Rim “ even created their own Meme post to promote their movie as below :

51799_365750670174680_21017269_o 861144_472979959434973_787878091_o 34485376

Comic Book coming out about “Pacific Rim“. “Legendary gives an exclusive look at the opening pages from the upcoming prequel graphic novel presented by Guillermo del Toro & written by Travis Beacham. Available June 5 “. “Pacific Rim” marketing decide to write an novel about the movie . This action definitely show it’s wide-vision marketing stregety . Obviously they want to make “Pacific Rim“ as series of Moives , Not just one for sure !
It’s marketing has already seen the viral reaction and future potential benefit, So now they decide to make “Pacific Rim “ Industry !! which is going to include upcoming Novel book , Upcoming Pacific game developed by Yuke’s to multi-platforms. Pacific Rim Button, and Pacific Rim action figure! (Shown as below)

pacificrim_game_screencap5 tfyzpg7 599972_382396018493368_806809426_n

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