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With release time coming closer , recently lots of people get to know the movie called “Pacific rim“. It’s first Trailer on Youtube hits 3,752,179 people to visit . Actually WarnerBrosPictures starts to give audience first glimpse of the film on July 21, 2011, The facebook movie page was created and started posting element of film.
That time the only information i know about this fim is that it is about robot with alian . The genre of this movie definitely ear-catching and exciting . i started to pay a little attention about this movie and expect watching it in cinema . Now movie got huge fan around the world and we can see poster ,video everywhere . The importance of its marketing campaign is just the key to spread this movie in nowadays world . But what’s the success of its marketing ? and what is the special spot of it’s marketing campaign ? What makes the movie feel different on its marketing site ? Let’s get deep into this movie marketing and start to know it before watching it !
Mentioning about movie marketing , firstly we should know the movie background .
“Pacific Rim“ is an American Science fiction monster robot film that is going to release on July 12, 2013 . The Name and story “Pacific Rim“ was original from American screenwriter Travis Beacham . The content element of this film is simple explaining “Cool and fancy“. Nowdays movie industry nothing is more a obsessive than Huge robot , Alian , Monster, Martial art . “Pacific rim“ got it all !!

The background of movie is set in our near future . Because of gigantic sea monsters called Kaiju terrorize the coastal city from deep benethe the see . Human start to fight back with normal technology . But success can not go far with normal technology , That is why out main charact the robot called Jaegers start coming out from war invention . A fight between robot and monster officially start !529601_384442918288678_1926571924_n

The directer of this movie is Guillermo del Toro who directed film such as “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Hellboy“ ,”Hellboy2”. He decided to direct this movie in June 2011 because of issue with movie “At the Mountains of Madness “.The film was produced by Legendary Pictures and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures with leading actor Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi ,Idris Elba, Charlie Day.

The film breaks the rules that always white men save the world . This time director Guillermo del Toro use different skin color actor and actress to play this movie so that can make audience feel the unity of the world and Right hit the point to get world audience . The movie effect was done by Industrial Light and Magic. A CGI team with Oscar winners John Knoll , Hal T. Hickel, Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant and Clay Pinney is responsible for the effect in this film . So you know how awesome effect you are gonna to watch in the cinema this summer .

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