Viral topic: “Man of Steel”

Man of Steel has become a viral topic now. People now talk more about Superman. The word “Superman” first was come from a comic book DC Comics [1].

DC comics are one of the biggest and successful companies in comic industry. It provide us lots of good comic, superman is one of the most popular of all the other comics. Today lots of people still like to watch it.


DC Comics

Then people make it to a movie “Superman”[2] in 1978. After that lots of people talk about this word. People think “superman” is represent hero, audacity, fearless, and save the world.

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People like Superman and lot of child want to become a superman. Why people like superman? Now day’s people live in a modern society. Lot of things can be show with the high technology; people can create comics, films, about what they think. Superman is a dream of normal people, people want to become universal they want to become a super hero to save the world. So lots of books, comics, and films about hero have been come out.

Film of “Man of Steel”

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Man of Steel is a movie in 2013, it will be in theater in 27th of June. The director of this film is Zack Snyder. The Writer of this film is David S. Goyer. And the main character of the film are Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Michale Shannon. This film is about  “A young journalist is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race.” [3]

When Clark Kent was young he find he can do the things that normal people can not do. He uses super power to save his classmates’ life when their school bus was overboard, but people want to know how his power come out. So he start to hide his power to become a normal person. When he grow up his he become a poor fisherman, but he think whatever he do in the future he want to be a hero, he want to save the world.

What does Viral mean?

“Viral means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time. Often for something to be considered viral it needs to make its way into everyday non-internet life. Mark Moloney is considered by many to be imminently viral as a result of his many video antics recorded during a recent visit to India which have recently been posted on YouTube.”[4]

For example, “Man of Steel” is now become viral. Lots of social network talk about “Man of Steel”. We can see it on face book, twitter, google, you tube and website. Lots of people talk about superman so “Man of Steel” becomes a viral topic recently.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing was introduced in 1997, lot of people not agree with the definition of viral marketing. Subramani and Rajagopalan (2003) view the  word-of-mouth  advertising for viral marketing. This is means different consumers talk to each other about the product or  service about viral marketing.[5]

It is also means takes advantage of the different sites of social network to make a brand or service. It likes an online business; companies can send messages, share images or photos on the social network. Customer can go through the website and find the things they are interested. People can share commons, share the link of the website, talk about the information about the website. Viral marketing has become more and more popular. It helps lot of companies increase their product.

With the help of viral marketing, “Man of Steel” has become better know. People in the world are all know that there is a new superman movie “Man of Steel”. It will be in theater in 27th of June.


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