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Psy, the most famous Korean artist at the moment has definitely become the lead pop superstars Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen atop the list of YouTube’s current most popular music videos. It is just so phenomenal that makes it all over the online society. Psy got a distinct style that makes it different from another guy. The newest video, the Gentleman does possess an undeniable odd appeal that most people are not familiar with the unique characteristics on the ears and eyes.

The impact towards the online world is so huge, and of course there will be always someone who likes it and someone who are against with it. Billie Joe Armstrong, the Green Day frontman described him as “The Herpes of Music”. That could be considered bold claim, as people who suffer from that particular genital infection could find it offensive. The amusing part is that Psy responds Billie’s comment by  thanking him . Whether he is genuinely grateful for being compared to herpes or he is just simply misunderstood, He make sure that it is not any feud.

Not all of those people who reside at the top level of popular music think that way though. Liam Gallagher has already said that he is a big fan of the Korean superstar. He said that it is an absolute classic, he loved it. His kid dances and listening to his song every single morning and it really made him giggle. Gentleman reach over 365 million views which make it on the top of the youtube chart. Lots of parody being made. One is come from the Bart Baker. He put his own interpretation about the video as the song is in Korean, and made it a wacky ridiculous music video. Another one came from the well known Singaporean boy stars, Ah Boys. Since the video was uploaded two weeks ago, it has gone quite viral on youtube. Hits over 380.000 views and roughly about 4.900 likes.

Technically speaking, Gentleman is already one of the most-watched videos Of all time

. Because within in the timeframe of ten days, the number of people who watched it are already over 200.000.000 . For just comparison, on the first week of its premiere, it just around 50.000.000 viewers. Which means this video Gentleman will soon axing other massive videos including Gangnam Style itself. Considering Gangnam Style has been debuted since 9 months ago and it reached around 1 billion viewers.

The video itself convey a extravagant lifestyle and attitude of the rich. Psy, himself represent a rich and a arrogant rich man. Walks and do whatever things he likes. With his hefty reserves of money, he thinks that he could afford anything literally. Cars, Houses, girls, and anything that you could think of. Further about this, he thinks that he can do anything he likes and treat other people abusively. That could be seen through his childish prank that he did to the other people around him. But even though the pranked people were angry because of Psy’s cheeky prank, they do nothing to rebuke him for what he has done. Well the possibly reason is because due to Psy’s money and popularity, they are all just bear with it and do nothing about it. However there is one girl who doesn’t let Psy do whatever he wants to her. In return, she pulls a prank back to Psy himself. This causes Psy to relentlessly chase her because he think she is different from the rest. So in sum, this music video shows how the rich people are selfish and also fake. What they say are contradicts to what they actually do. This can actually seen when Psy do his signature dancing move, it is actually a concrete example of how the rich people can behave whatever they want and spoiled other people around them.

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