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Now we going to take a look at the similar trend that gone viral as well. The Harlem Shake, that has been reached 1 billion view mark on March 24 2013 just 40 days first after its upload is always being compared to the phenomenal Gangnam style . But Harlem Shake is more like a meme, because there are huge variety group of people that have uploaded different version of the dance. When we break it down why the Harlem Shake gain much faster viewer compared to the gangnam style or even gentleman, there are several aspect.

The first one is that Harlem Shake is just about beat and dancing, that means there are no lyrics. Which in gentleman, which Psy as the singer was in Korean. This bring an issue about language barrier. What I think to make the gentleman even more viral is to maybe make the other language version, or even to as simple as to put subtitle so the people who are not from Korea could understand the meaning of its lyrics. Also when we look other similar video for example Baby by Justin Bieber

, he use the leverage of Ludacris. We all know that Ludacris is a big name in the industry and by featuring him it will most certainly boost up Bieber popularity quite significant . The most recent video that just gone viral , the Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

He is just nobody before the video itself gone viral. This guy he wants to become famous so bad that he did anything in his video start to featuring T.I and Pharrell to even put up a topless woman up in his video. Compare it to Psy, Where in his video either Gangnam Style or Gentleman, he didn’t use any leverage in form of famous superstar but he did put up lots of scene where there were girls with bikinis and stuff. Because in my opinion nowadays, in order to make people fascinated you need to include either money, girls and sex element into your stuff otherwise people will just like take it lightly and don’t really care at all.The Gentleman and also Gangnam Style definitely puts Psy into a worldwide superstar.

Though Psy itself long before Gangnam style become viral like it is now, he is already famous in his own country, South Korea. But the journey of Psy from just a Korean star to become a well known worldwide superstar is purely by his originality and he wisely use the leverage of the social network. Because Gangnam style became famous virtually because of youtube. Psy uploaded it and made people from all around the world watch it and yeah Psy made people aware of its song with the help of social media, which is in this case youtube. From there Psy become really famous across the country and he is being called to perform in numerous music event. He appeared in MTV Europe music award. He appeared in the future music festival Sydney as well. He performed the Gentleman on the final American Idol season 12.

So in sum, I want to point out several things in order to become famous, viral , and also big. The most important thing is that you need to be original. It means that you need to created something that has never be done before. Because There is no point to just follow what is already previously been done. Well you could do that but you won’t be as big as the original version ever.The second is that you need to be wise and also diligent to use the power of social media. Nowadays news spread like wildfire. In just a matter of second all the info could travel across the globe. That is why using the leverage of social media is the smartest way to make yourself famous. Take example of Psy. Gangnam style is the concrete evidence what originality and social media power are capable of. That is why we need to follow the trend of the social media now because like it or not we are all now live in the era of information, which is pretty much everything that we want to know are available in the internet and there are no barrier.


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