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Park Jae Sang known as PSY is a famous K-Pop rapper-singer and a talented song writer. Psy was born on 31 December 1977 in Souel, South Korean.

Psy first exposure to the American cluture was when he studied at Boston University         in 1996. After living in united state PSY decided to go back to his homeland.

In 2001,  he created his first album “PSY FROM THE PSYCHO WORLD”  and then become known as PSY .Two years after his first album, Psy was arrested for possession of drugs (marijuana) and managed to avoid the mandatory military service in South Korean.

Since his beginning of his career PSY was known only to the Korean audience however recnetly in 2012 his song “Gangnam Style” came out and had a massive success. This song was broadcasting all around the network in 32 countries and was very popular around Asia.  Gangnam Style song reached his peak only after six months where it was rank first place hit on You Tube. This song scored the most viewed videos uploaded every month and also reached 100,000,000 Billion viewers record. This was the first time ever of a You Tube Video reach Billion Viewers. Moreover, this is the first time ever that a Korean artist has so much success, media attention and fans  in the United States.

The song “Gangnam Style”  of PSY became viral because his funky tunes ,very easy to replicate ,easy and basic structure to follow and dance. With The publishcation of Gangnam Style video clip, it become a source of inspireion of hourse riding type of dance to all his worldwide fans. All around the world people started to create imitateion of PSY’s dance moves .Imitation of video clips were uploaded to the net and online imitation of Gangnam Style were all over the globe.

In 2013, the song  “Gentleman” came out. This was SPY’S second song that become viral all over world wide.This song just only After 24 hours has broken the record of the first video with Most viewed of more then 30,000,000 million viewers. Gentleman song ranked five place hit on You Tube most viewed videos that upload every month.

On 9 May,2013 Gentleman song rated twenty six place on history of all times and in the itunes music chart. On the third day of the clip It reached to the ninth place on the American Charts of Music.

The reasons for Gentelmen song and video clip becoming viral are various. For example, Gentelman video clip was also described as a song with funcky tunes, catchy, easy to replicate, easy structure to follow like the Gangnam Style song video clip. These elements were descibed to be part of it becoming viral. Genetlamen video clip reviewed was that it was better than Gangnam Style video clip song. Specifically Gentelem was more humorous and have more sexy elements than the video clip Gangnam Style.

As to the creater of Gentlem, PSY not many knows much about him and about his caring side of PSY as he does not taking pride in his caring to his brothers and sisters in Korea. For example, the dance move of Gentleman been taken from the known girls group Brown Eyed Girls in Korea . Ga IN is a girl from the group. She got to get to United State to perform in the video clip of Gentleman.

Another reason for the song Gentlem becoming viral was that PSY decided to hire Scooter Braun who is known to work with Justun Biebers and have major success in the music industey and management PSY is still an international success and popular musician worldwide.